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It may appear I'm a dog person.  A large part of my business are dogs.  They need more 1 on 1 and group activities more so than cats.  I'm happy to pet sit your feline family member.  I love rolling on the ground and playing with your kitty.

Every dog I board gets their own full size bedroom. With people beds, dog beds, & Radio. Extra heaters for those elder dogs if needed.

When your dog meets me, they will know I'm a dog person.  Truthfully I love most  animals and they seem to like me.  I just had a client show up for the first time and their extremely shy dog came running up to my door and into my home.  Their reaction was, "Oh yes, we are boarding here."

For me, it's all about your dog.  I want to assure you that your pet will get tons of loving care.  I do not use kennels or crates.  Unless your dog is crate trained. 

Your dog has free run of my home and fully fenced yard.  They have their own bedrooms, which they most likely will not use. They can go on my furniture, beds and even sleep with me if they want.  I don't want you to worry about your pet and I want your pet happy.

Half my clients come from using boarding services that couldn't explain bumps, bruises or bites their dogs got while they were away.

I like disclosure.  For me, I do not care if you ever use my services again.  IT IS ALL about your Dog.  I will disclose every bite, sprain, nick or cut that I know about.  I'm with your dog constantly and since I only take a small number of dogs at a time, I know your dog and any events that occur. 

I'm like you, if something happens, I want to know about it and know it will be taken care of.  

Dogs will be dogs. 
They usually have an accident in the house the first day.  I don't yell, or scream, with the number of dogs I've had through my home, there are a few spots that just do not come perfectly clean and smell free.  I keep trying!
I do get firm and loud if a skirmish breaks out.  Time outs to calm down can happen also.

Your dog will go to the park, swimming, nature walks, beach walks, get group play and individual play.  When your dog is outside, I'm right there to.   

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