Alpha Dog Zak!  -- Playful and patient. Has a loud bark once in awhile.  Uses water pistols and butt pinching and sometimes throws a glove to get a dogs attention.   Special affinity for shy and misunderstood dogs.
Marko Polo -- Also known as the Grandview Dog Park Greeter.  He says hello to everyone, dog or person.  He will run to you like you are the only person in the world when he sees you at the park.  He gives tons of kisses.  He loves to chase giant dogs.  He thinks he is a regular sized dog and acts that way. He is not a little dog with a big attitude.  He explores far and wide and will show you the park. The picture shows how you will most likely meet him.
Genevieve -- The youngest of our group is our natural born PTSD dog.  She is Exercise Coach and Play Coordinator.  She helps relax stressed out dogs and people.  She loves to play tag and chase with the dogs. Her quietness reassures our anxious pups.  She is however quite competitive with her ball retrieval.

(new picture forthcoming)  Little Nikki Puppy -- Grandmother of the Pack is turning more white every day.  She is a Retired Exercise Coach and Play Coordinator.  Nikki has aged well and is 14 now.  Still active but quick to put the young ones in their place.  

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