I've always been good with animals and especially shy dogs.  I'm not perfect.  Accidents will happen and dogs will be dogs.

This section is something you will NOT see in most places of business.  I've added it because I do believe in disclosure.  I'm sure you've had an occasion when you asked, "Well, what happened?" and no one can tell you anything.  My dog Nikki came out with a bloody paw from a groomer and no one knew what happened. It was obvious, someone cut his dew claw too short and no one thought to put some styptic on it.

Lessons Learned so far and things to keep in mind when taking care of a friends pet:
NO BONES!  Even with twenty chew bones lying around the dogs will get possessive of a single bone.

No matter how well you secure a dog, a dog crate, or food, a dog will figure a way to escape, break in, break out, open it, turn it or eat it.  Plan for it and have several back up plans.  Get those extra tags on everything!   

Lidded garbage cans can be knocked over.

Store dog food in a secure container, off the floor and in a locked room.  I went to pickup a dog and was gone for a short period of time and came home to a laundry room with 2 large bags of dog food torn open and some very full dogs.  That is only the start.  The next day is constant dog walks and poop pickup from the dog food party. 

I'm sure you're thinking, "Why would someone admit to mistakes?".  Because for me, it's all about the dogs.  If a dog bangs his head, or gets a nip or a scratch and I see it and know about it, I will disclose it.  The reason is simple - what if it develops into something more?  I want you to use my services again, but it's even more important that you know everything I know about your dog.

Everyone says I'm excellent with dogs and I'll admit I've had some pretty good experiences and the dogs are always surprising me.  Boarding is a challenge.  Trying to keep your home animal safe and friendly is a challenge.  Every dog has quirks. 

Feeding time is a challenging time.
I recently found out one of the dogs I board is food possessive. The owners did not know. Why?  Because he was an only pet.  When a dog went in the room near his food bowl a dog, growling session took place.  I was testing to see how the feeding would go since that happens often.  I feed dogs in different rooms.  

I found out another dog is aggressive towards small white dogs. Why?  I'm not sure.  Maybe she thought it was a bunny.  This personality quirk was not known until a visit to the dog park and a run in with a small white maltese. All are fine due to quick action and a long leash.

Even owners do not know how their dogs will be in a boarding situation.  I know a dog that is highly protective of his owner and will not allow any dogs near them. However, at my home there is no issue and the dog is very good with dogs and people as long as the owner is not around.  He's a total love bug.

Even when you have all the information you can get from an owner, the dog can end up being completely different.  I boarded a wonderful one year old recently.  I was told he was very shy and a couch potato.  After the owners left and about an hour later, I got the "Life of the Party" dog.  He instigated every play session, and danced in the pool.  When a dog wouldn't play he'd pull their tale.   He was great and fun and it's all about having a good time.  He was completely different for me than his owners.  The next time he boarded he exploded out of the car into my home.  I love having this dog board with me.

Thunder shirts!  I've have seen them work.  A close fitting shirt on a dog and they just might change from a shy scared dog to anything from nice to a totally different personality.

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